Advantages of engraving

By engraving a piece of jewelry, memory box, or keyring can be personalized completely on your wishes.
Besides photos, fingerprints and text, there are other possibilities to personalize a product by engraving. We can also engrave symbols, logos, personal handwritings and even children's drawings.

All of this makes it possible for you to give an item a complete own interpretation and create a beautiful memory.


Beautiful for yourself, but also as a gift to comfort someone you love.

Our engraving options are a lot more extensive than we can show you on our website.

If you have specific wishes to engrave a product, you can contact us by through our “contact-form”.


We are willing to look with you for the possibilities of your wishes

We use the most advanced techniques and machines, both mechanical and laser

Engraving photos

Engraved photos are a memory for life. Photos will be engraved in high resolution and appear in shades of gray.

Always send us an original (not edited) photo, with a resolution that's as high as possible. Edited photo's, can give strange stripes or spots, after engraving, which we cant see in the photo itself .
The quality of the photo determines the final result of the engraving.
You can sent us a digital photo by email or, if you don't own a digital photo, you can us an photo by mail. 
We crop and edit the photo as good as possible, to create the best possible engraving for you.
Please realize, that we can not make a beautiful engraving of a bad quality photo 


Take your time to search for suitable photo.

Engraving fingerprints

It's also possible to engrave fingerprints. Ik you want that, you have to make a fingerprint with black ink, on a white piece of paper and scan this on high resolution (600dpi). Then you save the fingerprint as a photo (not pdf). After scanning, you can sent us the image by email. Please note that you sent us the original image, and not an edited version.

NOTE: Don't push to hard with the finger, hand or foot on the paper. Mostly that results in a big black spot, and not a detailed print.

A soft touch on the paper mostly give the best result. We need details to engrave the fingerprint, without details we can't engrave.

Engraving with your own handwriting, our the handwriting of your loved one

It's possible to engrave a text in your own handwriting. This will make your jewelry even more