On our website you'll find two kinds of cremation jewelry and commemorative items:

1) Cremation jewelry you can fill by yourself

2) Cremation jewelry of which ashes only can be processed (whether or not visible) in our atelier.

Cremation jewelry to fill by yourself

This jewelry is equipped with a filling screw, which you can remove to fill your pendant with a little bit of ash. After filling you can screw up your pendant. This jewelry will always be delivered with a clear filling instruction and screw sealer. All cremation pendants need to be sealed, after filling.
Since the filling space is often a little small, because of the size of the pendant, you'll need some dexterity.

If you'd rather not fill the pendant by yourself, we can fill it for you for a small surcharge. In that case,you have to send us a small amount of ash, so we can fill and seal your jewelry. If you want us to fill your jewelry, you can choose the filling option on the productpages.

WARNING: If you're not convenient, and choose to let us fill your jewelry, you can avoid something goes wrong or broken, by your activities. Filling your jewelry by yourself, is at your own risk. We can never be held liable for damage caused by filling ans sealing at your own.


Cremation jewelry and commemorative items of which only we can process the ashes.

There's a rapid change in the way we want to process the ashes of our loved ones. Earlier we only locked up the ashes in closed pendants and urns. These days more and more people feel the need to carry their loved ones “visible and nearby”. They increasingly choose to keep their loved ones visible nearby, in the way of a pendant/ commemorative item, in which the ashes will be processed (partly) visible.

We currently offer you a large collection of items that meet these requirements.

Most people think human cremains are just a gray mass of ash. When you take a look at the pictures below, you will see that we can make the most beautiful jewelry out of these cremains. In this way, you can make your loved one kind of visible, and enlarge the feeling of nearness. The ashes will be processed at a special way, (partly visible) in these jewelry. In these products we always give a clearly indication, that the ashes only can be processed by us.



If we mention the fact that only WE can process the ashes in certain items, this automatically means that you can't let it process by your crematorium or mortician. They don't have the knowledge to do this.
There is a lot of demand for modern jewelry, since the right jewelry can be made very exclusive and personal.

A jewel in which the ash is processed visible, isn't scary or dirty. It's just a beautiful homage to your loved ones, and a precious remembrance for you. The ashes will be cleaned and sieved by us. For every part of jewelry we decide, based on the ashes, which parts of the ashes we will use for processing. Sometimes we use the really small part of the ashes, sometimes it's more beautiful to use the bigger pieces of the ashes. If you've preferences about the way of processing the ashes, do not hesitate to contact us.


Kinds of ash-processing

With most of the products in which we process the ashes visibly, you can only choose between two kinds of ash processing, arranged or completely filled. If you choose for us to arrange, the ashes will be sieved so we can used the bigger parts of the ashes. These parts will me arranged decently next to each other. If you choose for us to completely fill, the ashes will be sieved, so we can use the small parts (powder) to completely fill the product. If you look at the picture below, you can see how both ways of ash-processing look like.

The colors may vary from the colors on the picture. All ashes have different colors an textures. The smallest parts are mostly darker, the bigger parts are mostly light colored. The two hearts on the picture are both filled with the same ashes. You can see the difference.

For every part of jewelry, we need 1-2 coffee spoons of ash. If you choose for arranged ashprocessing, please note that you sent not only the small parts of the ashes. We need the bigger parts for that also.


Where do I sent the ashes, if I want JB Memorials to fill the jewelry or process the ashes?

Customers shipping from Germany or those who wish to use DHL or FedEx should follow the instructions on THIS PAGE.
DHL, FedEx, Hermes and Deutsche Post do not deliver to post office boxes.


When you use regular post, like USPS, Canada Post, Royal Mail, PostNL, use the following address to ship the ashes:

Company name: Bejora Trading
Dept.: Ash Processing
PO Box: 30010
Postal code: 6370KA
City: Landgraaf
Province: Limburg
Country: Netherlands
Always fill in the email address, this is very important. If the email address is missing in the shipment information we don’t receive any messages about the shipment and any possible customs clearance costs that needs to be paid. The package will be returned to the sender if those costs aren’t paid.

Make sure that the ashes are packed well, and that they include a name and order number.

Information on Fedex Shipping Upgrade:
For USA customers only, there  will be  optional shipping upgrades available if you want faster shipping.. (Fedex Economy (3-8 working days) and Fedex Express shipping (1-4 working days) 
If your order will be shipped with Fedex, it's important that you only send the amount of ashes we ask for. Express shipping companies don't allow the shipment of ashes, so we only ship the ordered finished item(s), not any leftover ashes.
If there are any leftover ashes and if you're comfortable with this, we can keep the ashes for 2 years at our location in case you want to re-order from our shop. If you'd rather like us to send the ashes back to you, please contact us. We can send back the ashes separate from the order.

Is it save to send asher per mail? And how am I sure the ashes doesn't get accidentally in another piece of jewelry?

It's practically save to sent ashes per mail. Sending it registered, makes it even safer. Thats why we prefer to sent it registered. Mostly it's all about a small amount of ashes, so never sent us a complete urn. Depending on the kind of jewelry,it's about 1 or a few coffee spoons, that we need. If you want to let us fill a urn or a memorial statue, we need more ashes. It's better too sent too much ashes, than too little. All ashes that remains after filling, will be sent back to you.
We are aware of our responsibility concerning taking care of the ashes of your loved ones. You can assume that we take of it, with all respect from the moment it comes in, until it returns to you. It's impossible that ashes get switched and get into another piece of jewelry, because only one person within our company takes care of the filling ad ash-processing. Of course it's very important for you to deliver the ashes with a name and order number, so switching it, is absolutely impossible.

You can entrust the ashes to us with confidence.


Wearing advices

We will absolutely advise you to not wear this jewelry during cleaning, swimming, showering, sports or sleeping. The resin we use is waterproof, however chlorine, cleaning products, soaps, salt acids etc. can affect the coatings, platings or glued stones.
Jewelry manufacturers don't ever give any warranty on jewelry that would be worn this way.
An important rule: jewelry are luxury items and have to be treated like that.

NOTE: Washing your hands with mild soap is no problem if you dry your hands after washing imidiately.

If you have any questions about the ash-processing or sending the ashes, you can contact us by our live-chat ( in the left upper corner of the website) or by our contact-form.