Hard Facts About Cobalt Chrome Rings
Cobalt Chrome is 4x harder than platinum, 5x harder than gold and 7x harder than silver, which means your cobalt chrome Ashes band will last much longer than precious metal equivalents.

Cobalt Chrome rings have uncompromising strength, so not only are they highly scratch resistant, they won’t shatter or crack.

Although Cobalt Chrome rings are hard enough that they won’t bend in your daily wear of the ring, their inherent strength makes them malleable enough to create a wide array of diamond, faceted and even ornately carved styles.

Cobalt Chrome rings will not tarnish

Cobalt Chrome rings are hypoallergenic and bio-compatible. Cobalt Chrome has been used in the medical field for years, and the human body is compatible with implants using Cobalt Chrome.

Are Cobalt rings dangerous?

Made from the same hypoallergenic and bio-compatible alloy as the cobalt chrome used in dental and joint implants, cobalt rings are not dangerous to wear and will not cause irritation or allergic reactions.



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